Families & Pets

Families with young children, people with special needs, and elderly members are especially vulnerable to the effects of a disaster or traumatic event. Children will reflect the anxiety and other feelings of the adults around them and it may be more difficult to put these feelings into perspective because they lack the life experiences of adults.

Recent disasters have also shown that most people consider their pets as part of the family. Family members have been reluctant to leave pets behind when they need to evacuate and some people even refuse to leave which puts themselves and rescuers in further danger.

Planning before an emergency will help all family members cope and recover in a more positive way. There are many resources available that address issues that families may need to deal with if they are involved in a disaster.


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Animals in Emergencies

Keeping pets and livestock safe during hazards and emergencies

People with Special Needs or Disabilities

Preparedness and safety resources for people with special needs, disabilities, and the elderly prepare for hazards and emergencies

Families and Children

Resources for helping all family members prepare for and cope with disasters and hazards