Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development Conducts Coronavirus Producer Action Survey

The coronavirus continues to cause disease, market disruptions, and employment turmoil throughout the country. Farms continue to operate as essential businesses, adopting many new management practices intended to slow or halt the spread of the virus. Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development is conducting a survey to measure the extent farmers have taken actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19, the disease it can cause. The purpose is to provide accurate information for farm managers, educators, and decision-making authorities.

Access the survey here: COVID-19 Producer Action Survey

Purpose of the Survey

  1. Measure adoption of the coronavirus prevention actions on farms.
  2. Gather accurate information for farmers, educators, and decision-makers.

Benefits for Producers

  1. Receive a copy of the summary results
  2. Compare own actions to that of others
  3. Survey is straightforward and only takes 10-15 minutes to complete

All information entered will be kept confidential. Only aggregate data, with no way to identify farms or individuals, will be published or shared. No financial compensation is provided to participants, but a summary of the results will be shared if you contribute a usable survey and include a working email address.

For questions, contact: Lucas Smith ( or 315-759-8188) or Richard Stup, Ph.D., Cornell Agricultural Workforce Specialist, ( or 607-255-7890).

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development’s mission is to help farms and agribusinesses build committed and effective teams who will carry out the important work of feeding the world. We believe that agricultural work can, and should be, engaging and rewarding for everyone involved. Managers can build committed teams by applying the best human resource management practices for the agricultural setting.

By Richard Stup, Cornell University. This post appeared first in The Ag Workforce Journal.