Using the website


The purpose of this website is to provide rapid access to web-based resources about preventing, preparing and recovering from a wide range of emergency or disaster situations. Our primary target audiences are Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and their client groups in New York State. However most of the resources posted should also be useful for Extension educators and residents of other states.

Types of Resources

The focus of the resources is intended to be useful either in preparing for emergency situations at the time of an emergency or an impending emergency (e.g., when a devastating storm is forecast), or in the recovery phase following a disaster. The NY EDEN resource database includes both websites of government agencies and other organizations as well as specific resources (e.g., Fact Sheets, reports, journal articles, etc.), some of which are designed to be downloaded for distribution and others of which are designed as web-based tutorials with many embedded links. Materials are written in English, unless availability in another language is noted.


The entry point to the resource database is the NY EDEN homepage Topics on the homepage are categorized by types of disasters and prevention, preparedness and recovery information. In addition, direct links are provided from the homepage to the websites of current or “hot topics”.

Acessing Resources

Begin by clicking on the category of disaster listed on the home page that is most closely related to the specific emergency situation you are facing. This will take you to a webpage with an overview of the topic, followed by a linked listing of relevant resources.

Terms of Use of Resources

For the most part, resources on the NY EDEN website are in the public domain or copyrighted but available for educational purposes as long as their source is credited. However it is the users responsibility to become knowledgeable about and follow the Terms of Use specified by authors or copyright holders. Some resources are published in journals with restricted access to full text of articles. However, CCE educators should be able to access full text of all journal articles through the Cornell Library system, available to all CCE Associations. Extension educators elsewhere likely have similar access through the land-grant university library system in other states.

The NY EDEN website is now and probably will always be in process of development as new resources become available and old ones become out-of-date or unavailable, and as we have the time and resources to evaluate and add new materials. Please help keep this website up to date by contacting the webmaster if you have any problems accessing or navigating to resources, or if you can suggest improvements or additions.